Not only will this new Hulu-streamed show weave together story lines and characters from the various Stephen King stories, the show will also be dubbed by the location they are set in, namely “Castle Rock.” Hulu will stream the series based on the various characters and integrated stories from some of King’s most loved works. Each season of “Castle Rock” will bring together varied and different themes and well-known characters from the stories from the fictional Castle Rock location in Maine, U.S.A. As the Hulu series progresses, the show will then also cleverly interweave characters and themes from previous seasons.

Hulu to stream new King anthology 'Castle Rock' under Bad Robot banner

The Hollywood Reporter has heard from various sources that Sam Shaw (“Manhattan”) along with Dusty Thomason, will both be involved in the new drama series, which will fall under Abrams’ Warner Brothers Television banner of Bad Robot. So far Hulu and Warner Bros. have declined to give any further information on the new show, so the likely premiere date and episode count are both currently unknown. There is, however, a Teaser video out there which gives less than subtle hints at which stories and well known characters might be involved.

Hints of series content in 'Castle Rock' teaser video

As reported by, Stephen King took the name "Castle Rock" from the famous 1954 bloodthirsty novel “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding, which many of us got to read in school.

The name first appeared back in 1979 in “The Dead Zone” but has since featured in “The Dark Half,” “Cujo,” “Needful Things” and many more King novels and short stories. From the teaser video below, we note that “Misery” character Annie Wilkes gets a mention, so does "Salem's Lot" and also young Danny Torrance from “The Shining.” They also mention Shawshank Prison, which many readers and film viewers will remember from the story "Shawshank Redemption."

This is the second time King and Abrams have worked together, after their successful collaboration with the miniseries “11.22.63.” Abrams is also involved in the HBO hit series Westworld,” so it will be exciting to see how the new Hulu series progresses.