Danny, Colleen, and Claire team up to find a way to clear Danny’s name - but that pits them against Harold Meachum. As Danny tries to get his life back in order, he also decides he needs to return to K’un Lun and fulfill his duties as the Iron Fist in ‘Dragon Plays With Fire.” Along the way, ‘Iron Fist’ drops a few Marvel Cinematic Universe and comic book references for the fans.

Spoiler alert: This list of Easter Eggs contains spoilers for the Marvel Cinematic Universe if you aren’t yet caught up!

Marvel Cinematic Universe references

Probably not an intentional Easter egg, but when Harold talks glibly about advances in cloning making him come back a new man to explain his “death,” it did remind me that “Agents of SHIELD” has been utilizing Life Model Decoys instead of clones - android copies of people - and Harold could have probably gotten away with something similar on the show.

Harold, as it turns out, is the one responsible for the deaths of Danny’s parents as well though it is very different from his actions and motivations in the comics. In the comics, he’s in love with Danny’s mother, not just out to take over the company. When he confronts Danny on the roof of the family business, he remarks about wanting to push Danny’s father off the edge years earlier. In the comics, he did push him off a mountain.

When Claire arranges a meeting between Jeri and Danny, there’s a poster in the background with a familiar face. It’s recruiting new blood for the police department and features the same image of Stan Lee that’s been used in various photos and posters throughout the Marvel Netflix shows.

Stan Lee gets a cameo - whether in a speaking role or a photograph - in every Marvel property.

I could be wrong, but it sounds like a familiar song is playing when Colleen and Danny return to Bakuto’s compound. The theme that plays over the “Daredevil” main credits is what it sounds like, but if it’s not, it’s a very similar composition.

Claire’s matches also have a connection to another Marvel property. It looks like they say “Harlem’s Paradise” on them, the club from “Luke Cage.”

Comic book Easter eggs

As mentioned in the Easter eggs for episode 12, when faced with the chance to kill Harold, Danny decides not to. Just like in the comics, the decision ends up out of his hands as someone else does the deed.

Here, it’s Ward instead of a mysterious ninja.

Joy and Davos also meet up as he explains to her that Danny has to die for her to get her normal life back. This meeting isn’t that far fetched. Joy’s comic book story sees her blaming Danny when her family falls apart. She and Davos, who by then is already operating under the Steel Serpent moniker, team up to get rid of the Iron Fist. It looks like we’ll be seeing a variation of that in the future.

What’s more interesting about this particular scene, is Madame Gao eavesdropping on the duo. So far, the Steel Serpent, which is the alter ego Davos uses when he has his mystical abilities, hasn’t come into play on the show outside of his symbol showing up on her heroin packets.

Could Gao be the one to turn him into his villainous comic book counterpart?

Up next

Netflix hasn’t confirmed whether “Iron Fist” will receive a second season, so we don’t know what’s coming up next. If the series gets a renewal, we’ll likely see Danny on the search for K’un Lun. Before that can happen, Danny and Colleen will both be a part of the Marvel team-up series “The Defenders.”