Actress and singer Angelica Chitwood is currently anticipating the release of her latest film, “Psychos” that tells the tale of three young women who seek vengeance after receiving videos that reawaken a shocking and trauma horror from their pasts. Angelica was happy to discuss her work in film, her upcoming soul-music album, and her very loving and encouraging parents.


Blasting News (BN): What set you on the path to becoming an actress?

Angelica Chitwood (AC): I was born one. I was a dramatic little ham of a child, and it never changed. My hunger for the understanding of human emotion only grew stronger as I got older and had an acting teacher for a mother and a musician as a father, was helpful.

BN: Of all the kinds of movies out there, what are your favorite genres to work with?

AC: I love dramas; real, gritty, crazy roles. Things that would be considered a great challenge. Those are my favorite types of roles. Then again, I love doing quirky comedies. Comedic timing is an art in itself.

BN: How did you land your role in “Psychos” and can you describe the film a little?

AC: I auditioned for the lead role of SASHA, and was cast. Then I had the honor of helping with some of the other castings as well, which was a great learning experience. This movie has a very nostalgic and old-fashioned feeling to it. The music, the set, and the feel of the project is as if it were made to look like a classic film.

It's one of those films that you don't entirely understand until the end when the unexpected "twist" comes.

BN: Are you anything like Sasha, the character you play?

AC: If I get really, really, really, mad you may see a bit of her come out of me! But not really. She's wildly abrasive, moody, confused, and angry. I try not to be those things in life.


BN: Do you have any other upcoming projects that you are excited about and want to discuss?

AC: I'm currently writing my new soul album. I'll be getting in the studio over the next few months to record it, and I'm shooting for an October 2017 release. I have a few small films coming up, and I'm still enjoying the release of my other latest film called “All Out Dysfunction.”

BN: Lots of women aspire to be actresses, can you offer them any advice?

AC: One: Don't waste your youth. Two: Representation is key. Three: Training and experience, although sometimes overlooked by social media followers and age, will always cement you as an actor. It will give you the foundation you need to get to the big leagues. Four: If you don't love the art enough to give up everything for it, then do something else. Because you always take a chance of not thriving. It's a hard business, and it's not for the faint of heart. It's for fighters. People who love the art so much, they'll take all the hurt that comes with the risk you take of devoting yourself to this life.