There’s a new guest star coming to “Grey’s Anatomy” season 13, and you will know him from hit musical show “Glee.” Matthew Morrison is coming to Grey Sloan Memorial, but there isn’t that much known about his character just yet. In fact, all fans really know is his character name and personality, but there are plenty of speculations about how he will be.

Matthew Morrison checks in as Dr. Paul Stadler

“Glee” fans will want to tune in as Morrison returns to TV. The 12 time Emmy nominated actor will return to TV in a guest spot role on the hit medical drama.

The news broke yesterday on “Grey’s Anatomy’s” 12th birthday, with fans instantly taking to social media to speculate who he will be.

Shonda Rhimes is known for her secrecy around characters. This time is no different, with the only information fans have been given is that he will charming and charismatic but with a manipulative dark side. It was this description that left fans speculating that Morrison was coming to the show to play Jo’s abusive ex-husband.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ focuses on domestic violence

It isn’t common for a TV show to focus on something as serious as domestic violence, but “Grey’s Anatomy” isn’t known for sticking to the norm. At the end of season 12, there was a major reveal about Jo’s character.

It turned out that she was already married to an abusive man. Instead of divorcing him, she ran away and changed her name. She didn’t want to tell anyone so that she could protect him.

There have been hints that Jo’s past will make its way to the hospital this season. Now that Alex’s court case storyline is finally out of the way, Rhimes has had the opening to focus on it.

Could it be possible that Morrison’s character could be a doctor elsewhere and now at Grey Sloan Memorial for Jo? There have been no hints that Jo married a doctor, but it would be a very interesting storyline.

“Grey’s Anatomy” hasn’t revealed when the “Glee” actor will appear in the show. We only know that it will be some time before season 13 wraps in May 2017. Stay tuned for more information.