It's no secret that most left-leaning Hollywood stars are not big fans of President Donald Trump. While many voice their opinions, actor George Takei has made targeting the new president part of his daily routine.

Takei on Trump

Over the last year and a half, Donald Trump has slowly become enemy number one in the eyes of many celebrities. Whether it's across social media, during interviews, or during an acceptance speech at an awards show, Hollywood has made it clear that the majority are in opposition to the former host of "The Apprentice." Knowing this is the case, Trump has not held back his thoughts, often lashing out at entertainers he doesn't agree with.

The most notable attacks being on Alec Baldwin over his portrayal of the president on "Saturday Night Live," and his claim that the legendary actress Meryl Streep is somehow "overrated." As seen on Twitter on March 29, George Takei continued Hollywood's backlash of the new administration.

"Watch for Trump to torpedo Obamacare by not enforcing the individual mandate or not reimbursing insurance cos," George Takei wrote on Twitter on Wednesday night, before adding, "He wants to see it fail." After the news came out that the president denied the opportunity to throw out the first pitch at the Washington Nationals' baseball game, Takei poked fun at the commander in chief.

"Poor Donald refuses to throw out the first pitch on opening day this year because he's afraid he'll get booed," he tweeted, while noting, "He's right for a change."

Takei trolls

On the latest news that Donald Trump was going to roll-back Obama-era regulations on internet privacy, George Takei wasn't pleased.

"Republican bill allowing ISPs to track our browsing habits is difficult to understand," Takei wrote, stating, "I assume it made more sense in the original Russian."

"Donald Trump is the master of projection, calling real news fake news...then citing Fox News and National Enquirer as his trusted sources," Takei pointed out.

Not stopping there, the former "Star Trek" actor continued with his social media mockery.

"It's a bit comforting at least to think that the puppet Putin thought he'd installed can't dance like one without everyone noticing," George Takei humorously wrote. In his final tweet as of press time, Takei then took a shot at Republicans for complaining that Democrats won't vote to confirm Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee after blocking Obama's for over a year. "The GOP is whining that the Democrats won't bring the president's SCOTUS nominee to a vote," he tweeted, concluding, "The irony is strong here."