The last two episodes of “When We Rise,” a series on the history of the LGBT movement that features real-life advocates who fought for equal rights takes a candid look at issues of the last 20 years. Viewers see the hardships and triumphs of Ken Jones, Roma Guy, and Cleve Jones, as inch closer to win the hard- earned fight for gay marriage equality.

Ken Jones bears his losses

The tough Ken Jones gets more than he can take in Episode Three. The loss of his job, partner Richard, and ultimately his home, as he is kicked out of the house that he and Richard shared by Richard's family, pushes him to substance abuse.

Still struggling with his own AIDS diagnosis, new AIDS drugs are keeping him alive. Jones’ pain and vulnerability grip the hearts of viewers and highlights how the lack of same-sex marriage rights impacts LGBT couples. In the last episode, Ken turns it all around. He says his goodbyes to Michael and Richard and moves on with the next phase of his life. He becomes a pastor who marries LGBT people.

Cleve Jones stays true to fight

Cleve Jones is still in politics, as he works to help labor unions. He tries to adopt his neighbor’s baby and save the young one from his father, who is a drug addict. Jones almost succeeds until social services find out he is a gay man with AIDS. Losing the baby is a blow to him.

He talks to young gay activists and stresses how they need to have hope and keep going. Cleve helps to take down Doma and ends up moving to San Francisco.

Roma Guy marries Diane

Roma Guy gets emotional when she finds out that Proposition 8 and DOMA are declared unconstitutional in 2013. Roma and Diane get married after DOMA falls.

The case was built around 83-year Edith Windsor, who was denied the federal benefits that were entitled to her when wife Thea Spyer passed away. When Windsor wins the case, DOMA is eradicated. Roma’s daughter Annie has a baby and ends up getting married to her longtime boyfriend. Annie tells both of her mothers that their love inspired her to become the woman that she is.

Cleve, Ken, and Roma together for DOMA fall

The three young activists are standing together on the steps of the Capitol building as DOMA is declared unconstitutional. Cleve, Ken, and Roma know that their 40- year struggle has finally resulted in the goal that wanted all along: LGBT equality. Tears of joy fall from their eyes. Same-sex marriage is everyone’s in 2015 when the United States Supreme Court declares that all LGBT Americans can marry. Edith Windsor found love again and married Judith Kasen in 2016.

Continuing to rise

The perfect rainbow ending is not there yet for the gay community. LGBT Americans must continue to fight to keep the rights that they have earned. When things get too tough, we must remember Cleveland, Ken, Roma, and Harvey Milk. They never gave up on securing and keeping LGBT rights.

Neither should we.