Former professional boxer and gay pornographic actor, Yusaf Mack, allowed his anger towards a homophobic Twitter troll to boil over last week, after confronting the man in a Philidelphia barber shop. Mack, who retired in 2014 after losing four in a row, held several regional Boxing titles including the USBA (now the IBF) in his 41 fight career, which saw the Philly native compete against the likes of former WBC and WBA champion Carl Froch.

Gay boxer leaves online attacker bloodied

Video of the incident shows Mack repeatedly punching a man named Hector Echevarria, who allegedly made homophobic and derogatory comments towards the boxer online.

Echevarria is seen covering up to protect himself as Mack punches him on the ground before attempting to stand up, only to be sent back to the barber shop floor as Mack continues to punch him in the face. At the end of the fight, Mack then smashes a jar full of barber shop tools over Echevarria's head.

Homophobic comments continue

After the shocking footage emerged, friends and relatives of the victim, Echevarria, took to social media to claim that he may have sustained a broken ankle during the fight against Mack. Whilst photos from after the assault showed Echevarria sitting on the floor with a towel over his bloodied head. However, the assault from Mack on Echevarria did little to stop the Twitter troll's online harassment of the retired boxer.

Mack, who admitted he was gay in 2015 after it had been revealed that he had appeared in a gay adult film, was yet again subjected to homophobic comments from Echevarria after the incident. Echevarria took to his Twitter after the fight to write 'I rather have a video of some beating me up then a video of someone seeing me take a d*** up my a** any day'.

Seemingly unphased by the beating he takes in the video, Echevarria also wrote that he and Mack would fight again. This was then succeeded by more homophobic messages and comments via his Facebook page, which has now been made private along with his Twitter account. Following the incident, Mack has been staying out of the media spotlight. As of yet, there has been no news on whether the police are going to pursue charges on the former boxer over the incident.