Back in the 90s, Karl Kani was a fashion powerhouse and put together clothes that some of the most famous rappers liked to wear. Tupac was a huge fan of Kani and wore his clothes a lot, often wearing them in his music videos. It's without a doubt that Tupac helped make Karl Kani more famous. Or maybe Karl made Tupac more famous. Either way, they will be remembered together which is what makes the rape accusations against Karl Kani even more disturbing.

The Karl Kani rape case is old and is no longer being investigated

On Wednesday, a model who did not want to be identified took to Instagram with a detailed message that accused Karl Kani of raping her.

According to the lengthy social media accusation, the model has been trying to get a case against Kani since April 2006 but that the district attorney told her that the case was closed and wouldn't be moving forward. Maybe that's why she decided to use Instagram platform to put the "Godfather of Urban Streetwear" on blast.

In the Instagram post, the unnamed model made it clear that posting her personal business (even without her identity was hard to do. She claims that she has been pursuing legal action against Karl Kani for more than a decade after accusing the designer of rape. She went on in detail, claiming that she was drugged and raped but has no memory of what happened to her. She said that she posted the message after learning that there would be no charges against Kani due to lack of evidence but she still wants the world to know what he reportedly did to her.

Her word against his and not enough evidence?

It turns out that Karl Kani told police that he and this mystery model had consensual sex, she argues that she did not give consent. She said in the lengthy Instagram letter that the reason the DA chose not to charge Kani or move forward with the case was due to a lack of evidence that she was not conscious when the two had sex.

She went on to blast Karl Kani for ruining her dream of modeling. She claimed that after he allegedly raped her, she was unable to continue pursuing her dream. Now, more than ten years later, she is upset that she was unable to fulfill her dreams of becoming a famous model because of the pain caused by the alleged rape by Karl Kani.