Chanel Nicole is 15-months old now and her proud mom, Coco Austin, recently let everyone know that her breastfeeding relationship with the tot is still going strong. The 38-year old former reality star has been sharing her journey as a new mother every step of the way so there's really no reason why she wouldn't share that she was still breastfeeding baby Chanel. Well, except for the breast shamers who just can't seem to stop talking about Coco and her decision to use her body exactly for what it was meant and feed her baby for as long as both of them are interested in continuing.

Coco continues to share videos of baby Chanel Nicole

Coco Austin recently posted several new videos featuring herself and her adorable toddler girl. In one of them, she was laying alongside Chanel, who was fast asleep. In the comment on the video, Coco talked about how she can't wait to snuggle up with the adorable little girl for snuggles and naptime each day.

Coco has always been a huge advocate for breastfeeding and has shared that journey with her fans since Chanel was born. As a new mom, Ice-T's wife admitted that she was obsessed with breastfeeding and apparently, she's pretty good at it.

When Chanel Nicole was just six months old, Coco shared that her baby girl was starting to want the bottle more than the breast and that it hurt her feelings.

She wanted her breastfeeding relationship with baby Chanel to be perfect. Coco shared that as Chanel grew and her needs changed, she was unable to keep up with milk production and had to alternate back and forth from breastmilk to formula in a bottle. That can be really hard on a new mother and can even end a breastfeeding relationship in a lot of cases.

Coco admits that breastfeeding isn't always easy

Coco Austin managed to juggle the back and forth between breast and bottle and still is able to have that close bond with her baby. It looks like she did a pretty good job too because extended breastfeeding at 15-months old is quite an achievement. It also sounds like they aren't looking to quit anytime soon, either.

Despite the criticism that Coco Austin has received for continuing to breastfeed her 15-month old girl, she is a great role model for other mothers who also want to breastfeed their baby for an extended amount of time.