After two weeks of in-fighting within his own party over the Repubican heath care plan, President Donald Trump was forced to pull the bill before a vote could take place on Friday. As backlash quickly followed over the embarrassment, Hollywood celebrities and other social media users decided to give their thoughts.

Trump trolled

During Barack Obama's entire eight years in the White House, the Republican Party was unified in their opposition to the Affordable Care Act. Obamacare, as it would be known, became the law of the land in 2010 but was also the number one target for conservative lawmakers.

The GOP voted to repeal the bill close to 60 times in Congress over the last decade, knowing that it was symbolic and nothing but a show of partisan unification. Earlier this month, House Speaker Paul Ryan introduced the American Health Care Act as the party's alternative, which was quickly backed by Donald Trump. However, many Republicans opposed the bill, in addition to nearly all Democrats, and even the Congressional Budget Office who warned that close to 26 million Americans would lose insurance under the plan over the next decade. After a floor voted was canceled on Thursday due to lack of Republican support, Trump pulled the bill in its entirety on Friday leading to Twitter going viral on March 24.

"#Trumpcare pulled from vote. It was DOA.

RIP," actor George Takei wrote on Twitter Friday afternoon, using the hashtag, "#WealthcareBill." In a follow-up tweet, Takei mocked Trump for likely shifting the blame onto Paul Ryan and other Republicans. "Trump will want to pass the blame, as if #Trumpcare wasn't his even though he campaigned for it. Ryan will be the scapegoat.

Popcorn please," he tweeted.

Former MSNBC and ESPN host Keith Olbermann also chimed in, mocking Donald Trump as a "loser" and a child in his Twitter message, while attaching a meme for good measure. "Congratulations @realDonaldTrump on your complete and utter failure on repealing ObamaCare," Olbermann wrote, before adding the hashtag "#Loser."

Comedian Bill Maher also made sure to give his thoughts on the issue, while taking a direct shot at Paul Ryan in the process.

"What a nail-biter watching Repubs with their evil healthcare bill - Paul Ryan had to pull another all nighter! No time to even lift, bro," Maher tweeted out.

Moore speaks

Filmmaker Michael Moore was quick to jump onto his Twitter feed to lash out at the GOP and Donald Trump, while appearing relieved that the bill failed. "Trump has blinked. So much for the Art of the Deal," Moore wrote, who also used the "#loser" hashtag.

In his second message on the Health Care Bill failure, Michael Moore continued to remind people that the Republican alternative would have been catastrophic.

"Even though they made their bill even meaner and more hateful toward women and kids, it wasn't anti-woman enough for the Tea Party Reps," he wrote.

Next up

As of press time, all reports indicate that Donald Trump will move on from health care, keeping Obamacare as the status quo, while setting his sights on tax reform, immigration, and infrastructure. While it's unknown what support the president will receive on those issues, it can't get much worse than the embarrassment the party faced over health care.