Decades after it graced us in theaters with its glorious presence, Disney's "The Beauty and the Beast" has returned for a live-action reboot of the original animated film. Here they retell in reality the story of a princess and all she had to endure to become one too. "beauty and the Beast" has long been a cherished childhood memory to many adults today. Now those same adults who witnessed the original release of this iconic love story can relive that moment with their own children or simply look to reality now as a place to remember good times as a kid again.

Join me in remembering Belle, Lumiere and Mrs. Potts as we get in line to see an updated version to the classic story of a "tale as old as time".

A classic tale

Originally released in 1991, "Beauty and the Beast" is an American-animated romance about a sorceress disguised as a beggar, turning a horrid and heartless young prince into a savage, ghastly beast. The mystical woman offers the little boy an enchanted rose in exchange for shelter from the deadly cold in his castle. He dreadfully refused to help a beggar so the enchantress casts a spell on him, transforming him into a hideous beast while revealing her real beauty which was already found within. The spell was also inflicted upon the castle and he was left with a magic mirror and that notable enchanted rose.

For the spell to be broken, the prince must not only know how to love but also earn the love of a woman before his 21st birthday when the last petal on the rose is destined to fall. If the last petal falls without him learning how to love, the curse leaves him as a terrible beast forever.

A decade passes since the young boy was marked with the curse and a notorious bookworm by the name of Belle becomes the apple of his eye.

A series of tragic events leaves her held captive by the beast as a sacrifice to save her father. The story unfolds thereafter as a tale of love and romance between a woman and a beast while shining light onto the controversial topic of Stockholm Syndrome.

The original cast included voice-over of Paige O'Hara as Belle, Robby Benson as the Beast, Richard White as the self-absorbed Gaston, Angela Lansbury as the memorable Mrs.

Potts and Rex Everhart as Maurice-Belle's father. The original film was released by Walt Disney Pictures and produced by the Walt Disney Feature Animation. It became first animated film ever to receive and Academy Award nomination for Best Picture.

Now a live-action hit

Beauty and the Beast hit theaters March 16 and has already brought in millions for Disney franchise. The movie, starring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast, took in $16.3 million in previews alone and that's just starting off in North America. This has made the film the biggest ever for Disney (once again) and the most anticipated so far this year. Disney also reportedly received nearly $2 million in Brazil and over $1 million from Germany, Italy, and South Korea each.

The full movie releases this weekend to over 4,000 locations, expecting over $300 million worldwide. Disney has only spent $160 million on the film's production.

Director Bill Condon leaves this story's outline unchanged and with infamous nostalgia. Ultimately, he has left this forever classic standing successfully on its own as one of the best movies of all time.