Actor Ron Moreno is also a musician and photographer who plays in a band called the “Deadbeat Darlings.” Born and raised in Queens, New York, Ron was interested in sports growing up and went on to play in countless tennis tournaments. After graduating from NYU with a degree in Political Science, Ron got interested in music, acting, and the entertainment industry overall. He currently still lives and works in the city where he enjoys driving fast, eating tasty foods, and hanging out with his ten-year-old son. Ron recently discussed his career and his hopes for the future.


Blasting News (BN): When did you definitely decide to become an actor?

Ron Moreno (RM): I was at NYU studying political science, and at the same time I was going out looking for plays to do, both in the University and in NYC. I took a semester off unbeknownst to my parents and enrolled myself in a couple of classes at the Lee Strasberg Institute in NY. I took a summer course there when I was in high-school and loved it.

BN: What inspired you to get involved with the theater?

RM: I started in the theater. The theater is live energy, in the moment, and you can't hide or run away from it. That excites me.

BN: Did music or acting come first for you?

RM: I'd say it was simultaneous. I've been acting like a rock star ever since I can remember.

BN: How many roles would you say you have you played?

RM: If you look at my resume there are sixteen roles there. I've left out about four pages worth of roles that I've played. I played a Vietnam war veteran that I really enjoyed. The character was an angel of sorts. He was struggling with PTSD and also helping to save his best friend from an addiction until he couldn't anymore.

He ended up saving his best friends wife. My dream role would be to work alongside some of my favorite actors and at the same time be challenged by the role I'm playing.


BN: You are also a photographer. How did that profession come about?

RM: I started doing photography for fun in the late 1990s. I loved taking photos and getting them developed, before the digital age.

It was often a surprise when you picked up the print because you didn't always remember taking the photo. Anyway, I've always been fond of water towers in NYC and started shooting them more and more. Because I have many friends that act, I would take their head shots and portraits.

BN: To date, what has been the most rewarding thing about being involved with the theater?

RM: I had one teacher who told me a long time ago that the process is the product. And because this industry can be unforgiving at times, I'd say the most rewarding thing is when you're in that process, from day one of rehearsals until closing night. All the homework that comes with creating that character and all, until the final curtain call.

BN: Do you have any upcoming projects that you are excited about and want to discuss?

RM: I'm currently playing the lead role in a play called “Broken Ribs” which is due to go up in late Spring 2017. I'm also in a band, the Deadbeat Darlings, we cover rock and punk-rock and we'll be playing out in NYC in April. We have a gig at Halyards in Brooklyn in May of 2017. I'm also working on an installation and book for my water towers.

BN: Where do you hope your career will be ten years from now?

RM: I hope to be playing great characters in major films, and on stage.