The merc with a mouth is about to meet his old pal, Cable, in the coming “Deadpool 2.” Now, there are many emerging names that will play the role of the superhero warrior.

The likes of Pierce Brosnan, Kyle Chandler, and Steve Lang have the potential to play the character, although nothing is confirmed yet. But, it looks like the comic creator Rob Liefeld wants Russell Crowe to play the said role.

Russell Crowe entertains the idea to play Cable in ‘Deadpool 2’

Rob Liefeld caught Russell Crowe’s attention on Twitter as he is eyeing for him to play the role of Cable in the movie sequel.

"@russellcrowe you should read for Cable in Deadpool and X-Force. Just sayin..." the 49-year-old artist tweeted. The “Gladiator” actor, on the other hand, questioned the prominent writer on what he wants him to do.

"I should read for it?" the 52-year-old star responded. The actor is known for being one of the high-profile actors in the industry and he doesn’t have to “read” for a role. He, then, apologized to the “Robin Hood” star and admitted he is his “huge fan” and his earlier tweet is “poorly worded.”

However, it seemed the Best Actor for Academy Award didn’t really mind it and said that if Ryan Reynolds also buys the idea, he will find a way to play the said role in “Deadpool 2.” Later, he shared a fan art tagging the comic artist where he was illustrated as Cable and asked him of his thoughts.

Cable’s backstory

The reports that Russell Crowe might play the superhero character is not yet the final and official casting, although he seemed interested in taking the role. Also, Rob Liefeld doesn’t have the final say when it comes to movie's creative part, but it is very evident that he wants the actor to play the role.

In the comics, Cable is the son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey. Although he was born in the present, he was sent to the future and grew up as a trained warrior who aimed to protect people and avoid the apocalyptic future from happening. In spite of looking older, he is more powerful with psychokinetic powers and invaluable combat skills.