"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers for the week of March 20 reveal that some big changes are coming to Salem. According to Soap Hub, there will be a few shake ups this week, and some of them may surprise you. Nicole and Brady will be living with Holly in Canada, but when she meets her new neighbor, Hillary, played by Jennifer Landon, she'll feel uneasy. Nicole will be terrified that Hillary will find out her big secret, and call the police.

Long lost sons and heartbreak

Meanwhile, Steve and Kayla Johnson will be on the hunt for Steve's long lost son with Ava Vitali.

The "Days of Our Lives" super couple will track Steve's son to a diner in Arizona, and it looks like they are going to find him. Steve's son, whose name is Tripp, will be seen on the NBC Soap Opera later in the week. Meanwhile, Chad will be forced to make a heartbreaking decision between the two women he loves, Abigail and Gabi. It seems that Chad will choose his wife, Abigail, over Gabi, but it should be a gut wrenching decision for the youngest DiMera man, who will reportedly tell Gabi that he can't ever see her again. Abe and Lani will also be embattled in some drama, when Abe asks his police officer daughter for a favor regarding Valerie's son, Eli.

Abigail is missing, Claire and Ciara duel

Perhaps the most dramatic moment of the week will come when Dario and Chad realize that Abigail is missing. "Days of Our Lives" viewers are used to Abigail being M.I.A. by now, but this time could be different. The two men who love Abigail will stop at nothing to find her. As for "DOOL" romance, it seems that Chloe Lane will also have an interesting encounter this week when she kisses someone surprising.

Although Chloe is focused on getting Holly back from Nicole, it seems that she'll also be locking lips with an unexpected character. All the while, the silent war between Ciara and Claire will heat up as Claire will lash out at Ciara, and make an interesting move against her friend/aunt. While all of this is going on, Jennifer will continue to try to get through to Eric, who will keep pushing her away.

What are your thoughts on the latest "Days of Our Lives" spoilers for the week? Are you excited for another week in Salem? Watch the soap weekdays on NBC for all the latest drama.