"Days Of Our Lives" comings and goings reveal that two very important characters will be seen this week. As many fans of the NBC soap know, the show is going through a lot changes, and the shuffling of cast members is taking center stage. While some characters like Deimos and Nicole are on their way out, there will be two new faces that viewers will get a chance to meet this coming week.

Steve finally finds his son

According to Soap Hub, the two new characters will both play important roles on "Days of Our Lives." The first character is Tripp. Tripp is the long lost son of Steve Johnson and Ava Vitali.

As many "DOOL" fans may remember, Ava dropped a bomb on Steve many months ago that the two had conceived a child together, and that her father made her give him up. Steve and Ava did a little digging only to find out that their child, a son, had died shortly after his birth. Later, Steve and Kayla's son, Joey, killed Ava. However, Steve now knows that his son with Ava is alive, and he's about to find him. Viewers will meet Tripp this week, and are already excited about how he'll fit into the Johnson family dynamic. Of course, we're all expecting a little sibling rivalry between Tripp and Joey. However, if Tripp finds out that Joey is the one who killed his mother, the drama will be at an all time high.

Actor Lucas Adams will be playing the role of Tripp, and will first debut on Thursday, March 23.

Nicole gets a new neighbor

Another big "Days of Our Lives" addition comes in the form of Jennifer Landon. The actress, who was previously seen on "As The World Turns" and "The Young and the Restless" will be making her "DOOL" debut as well.

Jennifer, who is the daughter of the late beloved television icon, Michael Landon, will play the role of Hillary. Hillary is Nicole's new next door neighbor in Canada, where she is currently hiding with her daughter, Holly, and friend Brady. Hillary will be sharing scenes with Nicole and Brady through her run.

What are your thoughts on the latest "Days of Our Lives" additions? Are you excited to see Tripp and Hilllary enter the mix? Tune in to "DOOL" weekdays on NBC.