Colin Trevorrow is back to making intelligent, indie films again after taking a shot at directing a big budget feature like “Jurassic World.” The director shot to fame thanks to his hit psychological thriller “Room,” and it looks like he will be reprising all the elements that made the Film search a critical success in his next feature as well.

The genius boy next door

The Book Of Henry,” tells the story of the titular character Henry, a 12-year-old boy living with his single mother and brother. Henry happens to be a genius and is well regarded by his teachers and his community in general.

His world undergoes a drastic overhaul when he develops a crush on his new neighbor Christina, but realizes that there is something dastardly about her stepfather.

Henry uses his intellect to unravel the truth about his new neighbor and her terrifying father who also happens to be the new police commissioner of the city. Henry can't handle this giant responsibility by himself, despite his superior intellect, which is why he employs the help of his mother and younger brother in order to take down Christina’s stepdad.

What to expect

The Book Of Henry” stars Naomi Watts as Henry's single mother, as well as child actors Jaeden Lieberher (Henry) and Tremblay (Henry’s younger brother). Dean Norris, best known for his role as Walter White’s brother-in-law in the hit television series “Breaking Bad,” will play the role of the police commissioner/Stepdad.

Maddie Ziegler is playing Christina, the focus of Henry's attention, while Sarah Silverman and Lee Pace will play supporting roles in the film.

Colin Trevorrow managed to make such a dramatic mark in his film “Room” because of his immaculate portrayal of the relationship between a mother and son locked in a room for several years.

He managed to bring out the best in his child actor and provided a superb insight into the mind of a troubled youngster. Trevorrow will look to reprise these unforgettable elements in his latest film as well. “The Book Of Henry” is set to release on June 16th, 2017, but you can catch the trailer below until then.