The Seattle Seahawks fell to the Atlanta Falcons in the second round of the NFL playoffs on Saturday. Future was on the sidelines for that game and many blasted the rapper for trying to get under Russell Wilson's skin by being so close to the field for the game. Future claims he wasn't there to troll Wilson and claims that he just wanted to cheer on his home team.

The Atlanta Falcons were forbidden from blasting Future's music

For those who may not have been following the saga of Future, Russell Wilson and his brand new wife Ciara, there is no love between Ciara and Future, who used to be engaged.

At times, the two have clashed so hard that it's even landed them in the courtroom. Prior to Ciara marrying the Seattle Seahawks quarterback, he was seen spending quality time with Ciara and Future's son on several occasions.

It's pretty understandable that Future took offense to seeing his child do father and son things with another man. What's not understandable is the way that the rapper handled himself, blasting Ciara on public forums, in social media, and in interviews after she left him and moved on with Russell Wilson.

When it was announced that the Seattle Seahawks would be playing the Atlanta Falcons in the Georgia Dome, many fans already knew trouble was brewing because Russell was bringing his team to Future's city and he would no doubt be there.

Future claims he was not trolling, but he did send his son a bunch of Falcons jerseys

Days before the game, the Falcons were warned not to play Future's music over the loudspeakers in an effort to shake Wilson, something the Carolina Panthers attempted last year during a playoff match and it seemed to work because they won that game and went on to play in the Super Bowl.

It seems that everyone complied with the order not to play Russell Wilson's off-the-field rivals' music, but they couldn't stop Future from showing up to the game and getting some of the best seats.

Now that the game is over and the Seattle Seahawks lost, Future has come out to say that he has no issue with Russell Wilson and he certainly wasn't there to troll his ex-fiance's new husband.

Instead, Future insists that he was at the game to cheer on his favorite team and nothing else.

To further prove that he really loves the Atlanta Falcons (or that he is trolling Russell Wilson harder than we thought), it was reported that Future sent his son Future Zahir a whole bunch of kid-sized Falcons jerseys after the game. To make matters worse, the jerseys are said to be Matt Ryan jerseys. You know, the quarterback who did win in the second round of the NFL playoffs.

Do you think Future was trolling Ciara and Russell Wilson by not only being at the game but on the sidelines, and then sending a box of Matt Ryan jerseys to his son (who lives with Ciara and Wilson) after the game?