"Breaking Bad" had a lot of people writing articles and creating different kinds of video compilations about it. Yet, French creators succeeded in creating something completely different. Lucas Stoll and Gaylor Morestin filmed a new feature-length fan film edit of "Breaking Bad."

The movie lacks the essence of the series

The two claim they spent two years making the Movie. They had to rewatch all episodes, which last over 50 hours. While watching the show, Stoll and Morestin were writing down all important scenes and episodes, which was a necessary thing to do before they could even start cutting it and editing.

However, not everyone is thrilled about this. Many people feel that it is impossible to put 50 hours of the series into a 2-hour movie. It can only give a basic structure of the show, but it cannot transfer its essence. All the important details such as character development and relationships are not visible in the movie. What they offered is just a short skeletal story of middle-aged chemistry professor Walter White, who finds out that he has lung cancer so he engages in criminal activities. All other minor but important storylines are stripped down to a bare minimum. And the fans are not really loving it.

Fans are still obsessed with 'Breaking Bad'

"Breaking Bad" is still very popular and people love watching, writing and commenting on everything about it.

Even the house of Walter White became a tourist attraction. However, it's a problem for the rightful owners of the building, who cannot live normally because fans visit the site daily. Maybe that would not be a problem if they weren’t copying one of the scenes from the show. Namely, it is the scene in which White, angry about the reaction of his wife, throws a pizza on the roof of the garage.

So even today, homeowners have a problem with fans who gather in front of their home and throw a pizza on the roof.

The fact that the creator Vince Gilligan asked all fans of the show to stop doing that proves that it is a serious problem. Jonathan Banks, who plays dangerous Mike Ermantraut, went a step further and said that every tourist who intends to go and throw a pizza on the roof of the house will have to deal with him. Talk about a popular TV show!