For months before Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie officially got divorced, all kinds of rumors were flying about the celebrity couple. The tabloids must have been disappointed that it’s all over, so now they’re finding other outlets for their rumors. Same people, different scope.

Brad snuck off to Cambodia to be with the kids

One story told the tale of Pitt sneaking off to Cambodia, where Angelina was busy filming “First They Killed My Father,” to spend time with the kids. HollywoodLife reckons Brad “pulled off a secret rendezvous with Angelina” while spending time in a luxury resort in a town close to where Angelina and the kids were staying.

The pair then reportedly split time with the kids between them, without actually being together. According to Gossip Cop the actual story is that Brad did spend time in Cambodia while Angelina was filming, but this was before the split, not after – it certainly wasn’t a recent thing. Of course, that isn’t sensational, so they played it up a little.

Angelina Jolie and Tom Cruise having secret romantic meetings

The next gem comes from National Enquirer UK. That tabloid decided to use the more than 20-year-old rift between Pitt and Tom Cruise while filming “Interview with the Vampire.” What the report said was while Cruise was in England visiting the Scientology headquarters, the pair met to discuss a film project and hit it off.

The report went on to say Angelina was attracted to Cruise’s masculinity and wild side, saying Tom is being groomed for a top spot in Scientology and desperately needs a wife to stand with him.

The tabloid’s “source” went on to say how angry Brad was about the situation, saying it was perfect for Angelina to get under Brad’s skin. Naturally, Gossip Cop busted this story too.

Sandra Bullock is dating Brad Pitt

This is the latest story, which reportedly came from an Australian tabloid, for a change. New Idea came up with a great headline saying Pitt and Sandra Bullock are officially together.

Reportedly George Clooney set the whole thing up – like some kind of a matchmaker – because he can’t stand to see his good friend broken-hearted.

What New Idea says is that Sandra and Brad had been discreetly seeing each other, having secret romantic meetings, and have now taken things to the next level. Bullock has been involved with photographer Bryan Randall, but New Idea says she dumped him earlier this year to take up with Brad, to help him over his divorce from Angelina. It goes on to say the couple has known each other for a long time, but the timing has never been right for them to get together – until now.

Gossip Cop spoke to their own source who actually laughed out loud, telling them Brad and Sandra’s dates must be so secret, neither of them knows anything about them. Reportedly Bullock and Randall are still doing just fine and Brad is carrying on as normal as a single guy.

Mind you, in the past, New Idea has tied up Brad with both Kate Hudson and Courteney Cox, so it’s hard to know what the tabloids will come up with next. Take everything with a pinch of salt – a huge pinch of salt.