After 12 years, Bones” Season 12 comes to an end with a big bang – literally. Everyone survived the explosion, and although it surprised one and all, it is still featured a happy ending for everybody.

The Jeffersonian lab is set to be rebuilt, Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) got his man, and Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) regains her cognitive abilities. And as they bid their final goodbye, fans question if there might be a possibility for a reunion.

A possible reunion

In an interview with the show’s executive producer Hart Hanson, he told Deadline that it is not far that the “Bones” Season 12 cast will be reunited in time.

“To get together again, and I would be the last person to speak for everyone, but in a couple of years or something, it might be a lot of fun to get the band back together again and see what we could do,” he said.

Hanson was asked if he would like to create more of the crime procedural drama just like “The X-Files.” The EP explained that it might be a lot of fun, but there are “no big personal things” that they need to get over with.

He further said that he has no idea yet what would the reunion be like. “I have no idea, but I’m going to say right now it would seem more likely that one long-form thing would happen,” he added. He also worries that fans might not like it with the flow of the shows today.

The finale episode

Meanwhile, in a separate interview of the Variety with the showrunners, Michael Peterson and Jonathan Collier, they hinted that “Bones” Season 12 comes to an end but not yet officially finished. The two already done with the show’s season finale in December, but for them, it is not yet done.

They were advised to rewatch the program’s first season so they could embrace its characters from who they were to what they have become.

In fact, they revealed that it was solely about Booth’s managing his conscience and Brennan working hard to know herself.

This, too, ignited the story of the season finale. Booth was dealing the worst kill he ever did while Brennan is coping with the loss of her father and managing to define herself to her family and with her husband. From here, the final episode just flows to what it should be.