TV legend Barbara Walters is reportedly deathly ill, so ill that the 87-year-old has not ventured outside of her home in over four months. Radar Online reports that Babs has been so sick that her friends are afraid that her time is growing short. Concern began to build back in November after Walters was unable to attend a reunion of original co-hosts of her show "The View."

Barbara Walters in the early-stages of Alzheimer's Disease?

The celebrity news site reveals talking to a TV insider who stated, “There is no way Barbara would have missed the reunion if she wasn’t gravely ill.

The reality is she’s been in poor health for some time.” This is not the first time Walters has canceled a scheduled appearance, she also was noticeably absent from her own birthday event in on September 25th.

Walters skipped her own birthday party in September

Previous reports from RO also reveal that Barbara experienced a huge health scare last August when she was hospitalized at New York’s Columbia Presbyterian Hospital after “experiencing heart complications.” Walters has pretty much been suffering one health issue after the next since 2010, being hospitalized numerous times.

It has also been speculated that Barbara Walters may now be facing yet another major health issue, early-stage Alzheimer's Disease which is said to be keeping her confined to both a wheelchair and her home.

This could be why Walters' most recent TV celebrity interviews found the charasmatic reporter speaking out with a looser tongue than ever before.

During her “10 Most Fascinating People of 2015” interview with “American Sniper” star Bradley Cooper, she crudely blurted out, “I find you very screwable.” In 2014, Barbara admitted on-air to owning a vibrator, lustily announcing, “You know what it’s called?

A selfie!"

These types of remarks are very out of character for the normally tasteful TV legend. Despite it all you have to admit Barbara Walters has one of the longest, most successful and fascinating lives ever. Walters' reps have denied that the TV icon is ill but at 87-years-old, and considering all of her previous health issues, many are finding that hard to believe.