“Arrow” Season 5 is getting more intense and it looks like it will be pretty more epic with the coming of Deathstroke. In fact, the television series’ lead star Stephen Amell, who plays the role Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, might just tease the return of the great villain.

Oliver is now being in different risky situations, thanks to the current big bad of the show, Prometheus. However, it looks like he is not the only one the much-loved protagonist has to face as another baddie might about to surface.

A mask on an island

Amell shared a familiar snap on his Twitter page and “Arrow” Season 5 fans lose it.

“Hello old friend,” he captioned the snap. The picture featured the mask of Slade Wilson as Deathstroke placed on the Island. Intriguingly, the mask has an arrow sticking on its left eye and everyone believed it is pretty familiar.

But, fans are not sure if the photo hints the return of the Island alone, Deathstroke or both. To recall, the return of the world's deadliest assassin in the show has been hinted since it even premiered this season’s episode. Also, the safari hunter has faced Oliver for a number of times already.

Slade Wilson vs. Oliver Queen

Avid fans of the show already knew that Slade will be Deathstroke in the future, but it hasn’t been revealed since its second season.

In fact, the said chapter is said to have the best episodes the television series has ever aired so far.

Since he has been defeated, he is just locked up on Lian Yu and waiting for his reappearance. While the Vigilante, Kovar and Prometheus are all Oliver’s great rivals in “Arrow” Season 5, Deathstroke is said to be his official match.

And with Amell’s latest hint, it might not be that long until fans will finally see the two faces each other again.

Meanwhile, there is said to be a potential tie-in between the photo shared by Amell and the television series’ arc. In 2016, there is a novel published titled “Arrow: Vengeance,” which is a tie-in to the show. Its story featured Slade putting on the mask on the Island reminding Oliver not to return in the place.