It's become almost a weekly routine but "Saturday Night Live" has made mocking President Donald Trump the most must-see portion of their broadcast. After a few weeks on the sidelines, Alec Baldwin returned to the role as commander in chief.

Baldwin blasts Trump

When Donald Trump officially announced his presidential campaign back in June 2015, it didn't take long before comedians set their sights on the former host of "The Apprentice." While many took a shot at poking fun of Trump, it was Alec Baldwin who perfected the role. Baldwin has owned the spot at the satirical version of the president, which has received rave reviews from critics, despite push back from Trump himself.

Until earlier this year, Trump made it a habit out of lashing out on Twitter about the show, referring to Baldwin as "sad" and "not funny." With just weeks to go before the election, the billionaire real estate mogul went as far as calling for "SNL" to be taken off the air, and even predicted its certain demise. Fast forward to present day and Trump has remained quiet with his criticism, while the cast and crew of "Saturday Night Live" are enjoying their highest ratings in years. As seen on the March 11 episode, Trump was the butt of the joke once again.

In a mockery of Donald Trump's recent trip to speak to members of the military, Alec Baldwin kicked off the show with a cold open.

Wearing a military jacket, Baldwin touted "the best military" in his speech to the soldiers, encouraging them to "beat the aliens." Going off script, Baldwin's version of Trump started ranting about "bringing coal back" and "winning the popular vote" despite being warned by the generals that aliens from outer space were about to arrive and battle the humans.

As the apparent alien invasion began, the satirical Trump was informed that Trump Tower had been attacked in New York City, which the president responded by accusing two African-American women of being actual aliens.

When asked where he got his information, Baldwin's Trump referenced the conspiracy website Infowars, and praising host Alex Jones. The skit came to an end when the aliens arrived and met the president.

(Full skit in the video above.)

Moving forward

While "Saturday Night Live" and others continue to take shots at Donald Trump and the White House, the president has real issues he must continue to deal with. The latest trouble facing Trump is pushing back at the reports that hint there is a scandal involving Russia and members of his administration, including Attorney General Jeff Sessions, while also trying to get enough Republicans on board to support the party's alternative to Obamacare.