Abby Lee Miller became a household name as the controversial choreographer on the hit Lifetime series “Dance Moms.” She was a part of the show for six years and seven seasons, becoming known for her loud, abrasive personality and tough-as-nails style of teaching. Now she has left the show and is holding nothing back when it comes to working with Lifetime.

Abby’s Lifetime story

Miller announced that she was quitting the show on Monday via Instagram. She posted that she was never given creative credit for her work on the show and that she was allegedly manipulated by “men who never took a dance lesson in their lives and treat women like dirt.”

She went on to say that she was given a budget for things such as costume design, but no salary to do the work.

This caused her to lose a lot of time and money and created even more tension between her and the producers.

She also claims that the production staff also invaded her personal space and made her do unreasonable things, including pushing her dead dog in a stroller.

Lifetime had no comment on her claims, but several sources said that Miller had become unreasonable after returning from a three-week hiatus. The sources claimed that she would bolt from filming, and would make decisions that “most people would think are not smart.”

These same sources also said that her claims against the producers are "completely false."

Cheryl Burke’s takeover

It has been announced that “Dancing With The Stars” pro Cheryl Burke will be taking over as choreographer next season.

Miller did not mince words when it came to her replacement, who was a guest choreographer this season. She says that Burke, who won two back-to-back seasons on “DWTS,” will probably be treated differently. She thinks Lifetime will go out of their way to promote Burke and show that she (Miller) was “nothing.” She adds that she also thinks that Burke won’t have to deal with spending her own time and money on costume design, but instead get a fair budget to work around.

A source for the show has said that they are thrilled that Burke is taking over, saying that she will be professional and an asset to the show.