With "Logan" coming out next week and that being the final movie that features Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, the producers of the X-Men franchise are figuring out their next steps. There are spin-off movies and TV shows coming but there is also a new movie in the main franchise line that is in the works as well with "X-Men: Supernova." While out promoting "Logan," producer Simon Kinberg received some questions about "Supernova" and was asked if the rumors of him directing the movie were true. He answered that question and then spoke a bit about the rumors that this could be the Dark Phoenix Saga all over again.

'X-Men: Supernova' plot rumors

The biggest rumor that everyone wants to know about is whether or not "X-Men: Supernova" is about Jean Grey turning into the Dark Phoenix again. There were hints of Phoenix in "X-Men: Apocalypse" when the flames surrounded her as she helped her teammates survive their battle. Of course, Dark Phoenix was a subplot in "X-Men: The Last Stand," which Kinberg admitted was a huge mistake. The main story was the cure for mutants and whether that was something anyone really wanted. Dark Phoenix then tied in and was very much shortchanged. That was retconned in "Days of Future Past" when they changed the timeline and both Cyclops and Jean Grey never died.

Simon Kinberg as director of 'X-Men: Supernova'

Simon Kinberg took partial blame for the Dark Phoenix storyline because he was one of the writers. That was the one movie where Bryan Singer completely left the franchise and the only one that doesn't hold up well today. Kinberg then talked about whether or not the news of him directing the next X-Men movie was true, saying it was too soon to make that decision.

Kinberg did say that he can't confirm the storyline but he would have done a lot differently when it came to Jean Grey and her fate. He called it the biggest plot in all X-Men comics and deserved more than a subplot in "The Last Stand."

What else is known about 'X-Men: Supernova'?

Right now there is no word on what cast members will be in the next X-Men movie.

The cast of "X-Men: Apocalypse" said they would not return without each other, but that was mainly Jennifer Lawrence talking and she was mentioning she and James McAvoy, who played Professor X. However, in a recent interview, Nicholas Hoult said that he was under the assumption he would be back as The Beast, so there is no telling what direction "X-Men: Supernova" will take.