Kailyn Lowry has just confirmed that is expecting baby #3 with a yet-to-be-named baby daddy. And while this news may come as shock, especially since Lowry doesn't currently appear to be dating anyone and has recently split from ex-hubby Javi Marroquin, "Teen Mom OG" star Farrah Abraham had nothing but good things to say to Kailyn.

Farrah in her own words

"[I] wish Kailyn and her three kids all the best," Farrah told US Weekly in a dramatically classier move than usual. Farrah Abraham has been known for picking fights with others not only other reality television programs, but also with her fellow "Teen Mom" cast mates and even the crew.

In 2016, the other teen moms from her franchise staged a walk out in protest to Farrah Abraham's bad girl behavior during a reunion show special.

Is the feud over between the Teen Moms?

Farrah and Kailyn have had choice words for one another on Twitter in the past, even though they do not appear on the same franchise of "Teen Mom." In the past, Farrah has stated that Kailyn got pregnant with her second child, Lincoln (whose father is her ex-husband Javi Marroquin) for attention. Kailyn has clapped back, making fun of Farrah for having appeared in a range of adult films. Kailyn, the author of two books, has stated that Farrah is only trying to stay relevant, and therefore that's why she's doing adult films.

Are Farrah's civil words an indication that the pair have put aside their differences and have moved on? Or is Farrah just playing nice for the press? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, the press and "Teen Mom 2" fans will continue to speculate about who the father of Kailyn's new baby is and whether she got pregnant while her ex-husband Javi Marroquin was deployed overseas in the military.

No matter what, drama is sure to ensue, both on the television show and in the stars' real life through their social media accounts and other outlets. More details on Kailyn's life are sure to be revealed over the coming months, as she has already stated that she is "halfway" through her pregnancy.