There are two genres that seem to be on the mend in mainstream culture -- Horror and Science Fiction. Both have received great contributions in the recent past, with film makers exploring new tropes and directions in order to approach their stories. Netflix is also looking to make a contribution to sci-fi with its latest offering “The Discovery."

Is there an after life?

The Discovery” is directed by Charlie McDowell (“The One I Love” and “Bye Bye Benjamin”) and stars Robert Redford, Jason Segal and Rooney Mara. From what can be deciphered from the fascinating trailer, it is clear that Robert Redford’s character has answered the age-old question with his research – Is there an after life?

The implications of this answer and its effect on the people in his own life and the world around him seems to form the crux of the film. We can see that people have immediately started committing suicides on a large scale, which seems to suggest that something extremely fascinating is happening in the after-life of this world. Redford’s character uses the words "a different plain of existence" to describe this world, which also seems to hint at a possibility of life continuing in a varied form.

Hit or miss?

The themes being covered are obviously fascinating and unique. What adds even more weightage to this idea is the fact that science has already been exploring this concept for some time now, using the experiences of people who have been clinically dead for short periods, and a new answer seems to be gradually developing as well.

Whether the film draws from real science, it is still unclear, but what is clear is that Netflix has been on a roll, and most of their projects have been hits rather than misses, and that bodes well for “The Discovery." It has a capable cast and team associated with it, especially Jason Segal who has really turned things around in his own film career.

It premiered at the Sundance film festival where it received a mixed reception, but it could still turn things around when it is officially released on Netflix on the 31st of March.