In recent weeks, the most controversial aspect of the Donald Trump administration has been his "Muslim ban" executive order. After a court denied the White House's appeal to continue the ban, Trump vented his frustration on Twitter.

Ban blocked

Donald Trump has only been president for three weeks, but has already cause constant controversy to hover over his administration. After Trump signed the aforementioned "Muslim ban," backlash quickly followed, which resulted in multiple protests taking place in airports across the country. Last week, a federal judge blocked the "Muslim ban," causing Trump and his administration to file an appeal.

On Thursday night, A federal court denied the administration's appeal, prompting instant backlash. As seen on his official Twitter feed February 9th, the president is not happy with the courts verdict, and is threatening to take it to the next level.

"SEE YOU IN COURT," Donald Trump wrote on Twitter, using all caps, before adding, "THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE!" The outrage from the White House was expected, as Trump has continued to speak out against the United States court system for pushing back at his executive order. According to CBS News, "9th Circuit rejected Trump administration’s argument that government has broad deference in matters of national security."

The "Muslim ban" executive order has only continued to highlight the wide political divide in the United States.

In recent weeks since the order was put in place, airports have detained several travelers from the seven countries that were on the Muslim-majority travel ban list, despite some of the individuals being legal residents of the U.S., or holding a green card.

Moving forward

Doing Donald Trump's entire campaign for president, he vowed to create a system of extreme vetting in his fight to combat radical Islamic terrorism. As Trump continues to push the boundaries of the law and Constitution, it appears he's willing to bring his agenda to the highest court in the land; the Supreme Court of the United States.