According to a recent report from the CNN news team, one of the castmembers, Chris Sullivan (left) aka Toby Damon, from NBC's new, hit drama: "This Is Us," got a bit of backlash from the viewers or whoever for sporting a fat suit on the show. Apparently, they think he should be fat enough to run it, solo, and that the fat suit takes away from the authenticity of the role.

Chrissy Metz defended him

Oh, but wait right there. His love interest co-star, Chrissy Metz aka Kate Pearson, recently hit up Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" to serve up some type of defense for him.

She ended up, revealing that they auditioned a lot of other, bigger actors for this part before deciding to go with Chris, and understands where the audience is coming from in terms of the authenticity issue. On the the hand, she also pointed out that Chris has been heavier in the past, and does relate to the character, which allows him to still bring the necessary amount of authenticity that is required of the role.

He was the right one

After that, Kate went on to just ,flat out, say that Sullivan was just the right person for the job, which is way more important than just being heavy enough. She also pointed out that actors wear prosthetics all the time, and that she can totally relate to this particular situation, revealing that she actually sported a fat suit when she played character Ima "Barbara Wiggles" on FX's very popular horror/thriller series: "American Horror Story." She was in the season 4, "Freak Show" one.

Anyways, that was a very supportive thing for her to do for her castmate. Oh, and we've also provided a clip (below) of her interview on the show for your viewing pleasure. She was actually on there with the former "American Idol" great, Adam Lambert. Check it out, below.

The latest episode 16 of the show's very successful debut season 1 is set to air this Tuesday night, February 21st at 8pm central time on NBC.

As previously reported from the official synopsis and preview clips, it looks like it'll certainly be quite emotional as father and son characters: William and Randall, end up sharing some very close bonding moments in, what appears to be, a special episode that will just be about them two. All the rest of the characters will be taking a back seat to them this week. Stay tuned.