The wait has come to an end, and tonight was the premiere of the second half of season 7 of "The Walking Dead." As the creators of the series advanced a few weeks ago, the new season will finally bring the confrontation between the inhabitants of Alexandria (led by Rick) against the group of Saviors (led by Negan). It is seen that the series tries to be faithful to the comic, but that also is not always the case. If we think for a moment about "Fear The Walking Dead," that is what ultimately sets everything in motion. Two years later, Rick wakes up from a coma into an entirely new world.

Next, we share with you the latest revelations of Norman Reedus regarding the latest plot. Let's see below.

The plot

Norman Reedus was chatting with fans of the series during the “Walker Stalker 2017 event, and spoke about a very emotional moment during the filming of the new episodes. "Without wanting to advance anything, there is a moment, toward the end of the season, between Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Andy Lincoln. Seriously, while I was shooting in the town I was watching it all through the monitors. Suddenly I saw something that made me jump and threw the headphones. It's something that has become one of my favorite moments of the series," confessed Norman. "I remember you came running and jumping, and suddenly you slapped Andy and me," recalled Morgan, who also attended the event.

Additional information

"The Walking Dead" has generated a lot of controversy in recent months due to the season 7 premiere. Many took to social media to express their disgust and utter outrage over how violent the deaths of both Abraham and Glenn were at the hands of Negan. Even as a post-apocalyptic show, the season 7 premiere certainly did take the level of violent to an entirely new level.

Still, there were just as many people that defended the violence, saying that it was necessary to fully capture just how brutal Negan is as a character, and to show that he is unlike any villain that Rick and company have faced yet. Tune in next week for an all-new episode.