"Days Of Our Lives" fans are used to seeing different characters get together. However, while some get lots of action, others stay alone for a while. This has been the case with Jennifer Horton, portrayed by Melissa Reeves. Well, it turns out that next week, someone will kiss Jennifer. Who is it and how does the Salem resident respond?

Who kisses Jennifer on 'Days Of Our Lives?'

In the latest issue of "Soap Opera Digest," a sneak peek photo shows Jennifer Horton getting a big kiss. The other person is Eric Brady, played by Greg Vaughan. The actor recently returned to "Days Of Our Lives" and he had a big part in Hope Brady's (Kristian Alfonso) prison escape storyline.

A clue of the rekindled romance

Several months ago, both Eric and Jennifer were struggling with addiction. While Eric had a problem with alcohol, Jennifer became dependent on prescription medication. One night, they ended up in bed together. The next day, Eric was sentenced to prison and that seemed like the end of the story. Well, it turns out that the writers have decided to see where it goes. Last week, Hope found a picture of Jennifer while Eric was taking care of her.

Will Greg Vaughan's character stay in Salem?

It was previously teased by "Days Of Our Lives" executive producer Ken Corday that he was glad Eric was back. He added that it was refreshing to have Greg return to the set. Based on that, it sounds like he might stay in Salem, at least for a little while.

Should Eric and Jennifer be a couple on 'DOOL?'

Although it was hard to picture them together, Eric Brady and Jennifer Horton do have something in common. They are both recovering addicts who are now living sober lives. They are also both good people who could use some passion, excitement, and romance in their lives. It is impossible to say if they will stay together, but they should give it a shot.

What do you think of Eric Brady and Jennifer Horton kissing on "Days Of Our Lives?" Do you like the characters together or are they better off as friends?