The American comedian and talk-show host Stephen Colbert used his popular late night show to deride Alex Jones, the American far-right radio show host and conspiracy theorist. Colbert opened his Wednesday night show with a monologue targeting President Trump and continued by ridiculing his association with the right-wing broadcaster.

He described the radio host as 'some jerk named Alex Jones' and went on to make a mockery of Jones' previous conspiracy theories, such as how juice boxes made men turn into women, trutherism claims of 9/11, defining Sandy Hook as a false flag operation and, perhaps most ridiculously, a piece regarding gay frogs.

Alex Jones

Born in 1974 in Dallas, Texas, Alex Jones began his radio career at KJFK FM hosting a show entitled The Final Edition. Eventually fired from the station for refusing to broaden his topics of discussion, by early 2000 his new show was being syndicated on almost 100 different stations, although his accusation of a conspiracy on the part of the Bush administration following the 9/11 attacks led to many of these stations dropping his programme.

Since 2010, The Alex Jones Show has been broadcast nationally by the Genesis Communications Network to 90 Am and FM radio networks across the nation.

He also runs websites and, the first of which has been classified as a fake news website.

Ties with Trump

Colbert's attack on Jones comes after the conservative host has reportedly taken up a position with the Trump administration, providing the President with information and acting as a validator for the ever unpopular leader.

Jones had previously claimed that President Trump had contacted him to thank him for his services in fighting for 'Americanism' and Mr. Trump has, before becoming President, been a guest on a number of Jones' shows.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Alex Jones with respect to his position within the White House.

He has reportedly been attempting to attain press credentials for his InfoWars website and, whilst this may seem unlikely given the lack of respect the site has in professional circles, it would not be shock given this administration's decision making during their first month in power.