The science fiction series “Star Trek” is one of the most enduring television franchises ever conceived, and is often touted as a counterpart of sorts to the equally fantastic British sci-fi property “Doctor Who”. After six TV series (one animated), two film series (one of them a continuity reboot) and dozens of other media adaptations, a new show detailing the voyages of a starship of the United Federation of Planets is getting ready to air its pilot, the first “Trek” o the small screen since “Star Trek: Enterprise” ended in 2005. This particular show, “Star Trek: Discovery”, is a prequel of sorts to the original series, and will debut on CBS before continuing on their All-Access subscription service, while Netflix handles international streaming.

Although an actual release date for the pilot premiere hasn’t been given before, there seems to be one now.

Narrowed-down possible premiere

Well, actually no specific date has been given still for “Star Trek: Discovery”; however CBS boss Lee Moonves dropped a hint during the 2017 Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference this Monday February 27 in San Francisco. In his announcement, the new series will “probably” be ready for viewers in late summer or early fall. Moonves assures fans that “Discovery” is still on track, despite the major blow of having its original show-runner Bryan Fuller bow out in December 2016 after deciding to prioritize an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods”.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg in what seems to be a somewhat troubled production.

Nonetheless, Moonves is adamant that the new “Star Trek” will push through and become the face of CBS All Access’ subscription offerings, what he termed an “over-the-top” streaming experience. He calls “Discovery” the family jewels of the network and is being given due importance.

All-star cast

Running for 13 episodes on CBS in what’s hoped to be an inaugural season, “Star Trek: Discovery” will follow the titular Federation starship Discovery, with focus on its executive officer (played by Sonequa Martin-Green). The series also stars Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, James Frain and Michelle Yeoh. Fans are excited of course, although a little leery about the newest character design for iconic alien race the Klingons.