CBS will launch a new Star Trek series next year alongside with their own new streaming service, which cannot be accessed from outside the United States.

But Star Trekfans from around the world have no reason to worry, as they can watch the show on Netflix.

Premiered on CBS

The pilot episode will premiere on CBS. Then the other episodes will be available in the US exclusively on CBS All Access on demand within the digital service recording payment or live streaming.

Each episode will be available internationally in the next 24 hours after its US premiere.

As part of the agreement between Netflix and CBS Studios International, all the 727 episodes of the famous science fiction TV series -- including 'The Original Series', 'The Next Generation',' Deep Space Nine', 'Voyager' and 'Enterprise' -- will be available on Netflix network until the end of the year.

The production of the new series for the small screen of the franchise will start in September in Toronto, and the premiere of the show will be in January 2017.

Armando Nunez, the chief executive, and president of CBS Studios International said in a statement that the launch of this new series would be a global Television event.

He added that the show is already a global phenomenon, and this partnership will offer the fans worldwide -- who have been waiting for a new series for more than a decade -- a chance to watch each episode at the same time with the fans from the US.

Sean Carrey, vice president at Netflix, said that Star Trek is one of the most iconic TV series in Television's history, and they are excited to partner with CBS to present these beloved science fiction series to fans from around the world.

50 years of Star Trek

CBS celebrated 50 years of the famous science show on Saturday at the festival Comic-Con from San Diego.

The show was renamed 'Star Trek Discovery' for the next season whose casting will begin in September, according to FP.

Fans of all ages, dressed in "uniforms" of devotion to the science fiction phenomenon gathered on Saturday at Comic Con to celebrate 50 years since the famous franchise was launched.