Hillary Clinton has announced plans to write a book in her post-election plans.

What do we know about the upcoming book?

The book will be a collection of personal essays, and is expected to be released in late September of next year. Simon & Schuster will serve as the publisher of the upcoming book. In a released statement, the publishing company said that in a released statement that a main theme of the book will be famous quotes, and Clinton will write chapters concerning favorite quotations that she thought of as a personal inspiration. In the statement, the publishers also said that the book will also give Clinton’s point of view over the happenings of the 2016 Presidential Election and her loss of the Electoral College to President Donald Trump.

In a released statement from Clinton herself, she had hoped that those reading the book will see that “the essays will be meaningful for readers” and that they will take a look into her good and hard times. As the book is early in production, little else is currently known about the book, but it has been confirmed that it is currently untitled.

This is not the first book Clinton has published within her political career, which includes the 2004 publication, "Living History" and the more recent 2014 publication "Hard Choices." Her first book had been "It Takes a Village" in 1995, which was written when she was the current First Lady. The book had fell into controversy after reports came out that a ghostwriter who helped with the book, identified as Barbara Feinman, had been uncredited for her help.

What else does Clinton have planned since the presidential election?

In addition, the book is not the only writing that Clinton has planned to produce in the near future. This will include an address made at an International Women's Day event that will be arranged by the Vital Voices organization and at her alma-mater, Wellesley College.

Clinton has also announced plans to work with the Harry Walker Agency, with whom she had worked with prior to stepping down in 2013 to serve as secretary of state.

While a direct return to politics in unconfirmed, there is speculation that she may run for mayor of New York City. However, her plans involving the book and her upcoming appearances might make this unlikely. As of now, Clinton has made few public appearances since the events of the election, but she had notably attended Trump's inauguration.