Actress selma blair has reportedly suffered another public breakdown. According to a new report, Selma was seen acting very odd on February 4th, making those around her "very uncomfortable."

What is going on with Selma Blair?

The 44-year-old shared her account of the incident with fans on Instagram, describing in detail the bad day she was having at the time.

"Ok. So my head is pounding. I drove away from a gas pump with the nozzle still in. I was chastised for wearing fur but that was weird because it was teddy bear fur," her rant began. "And then I paid for the broken pump so that was over a 500 dollar tank of gas.

Felt awful for being so absent-minded," she went on.

Blair stated that she stopped for coffee, and while ordering she broke down in tears -- making everyone around her uncomfortable. Those who are familiar with celebrity Selma Blair are wondering what is going on with the actress and are growing concerned about her health. Just last year Selma experienced a major episode while traveling on a first class flight home from Cancun with her young son.

Selma Blair emotionally fragile?

As previous reports reveal, Blair had been drinking a glass of wine when she began acting very strange, catching the attention of those around her and the flight staff. After ordering the wine, Blair began acting very strange and began screaming wild statements about a man in her life, screaming accusations such as, "He burns my private parts.

He won't let me eat or drink. He beats me. He is going to kill me."

The flight staff had no other alternative but to phone ahead for emergency aid -- following the flight, Selma was rushed to a nearby hospital for evaluation. The incident caught celebrity media attention, and four months later, Blair appeared on the daytime show "The Talk" to discuss in detail what happened on the flight, describing the incident as a "psychotic blackout."

"I was going through something, I had a glass of wine," she told the hosts.

"Someone gave me a pill that I thought was something that I had taken before which I don't take on a regular basis."

She added, "It was something completely different, a very bad choice, and I had a total psychotic blackout."

Blair claims she just wants to move on from the embarrassing event but if the new report about her recent breakdown is true, it appears that Selma could be in an emotionally fragile state once again.

Fans would just like to see Selma in a happy and healthy place in her life. After all, she is the mother of a young son who needs his mom healthy to take care of him.

Do you believe there is reason for concern for Selma Blair's well-being, or was this last emotional breakdown just the result of a bad day getting the best of the actress?