The Kardashians recently took a family trip to Costa Rica and naturally, cameras were rolling. The "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" crew were having a great time until Scott Disick got caught with another woman. It turns out that Kourtney's ex was trying to mix a little party time with family time and got busted flying another woman down to Central America so he could have a little fun on the side.

Scott brought another woman on a 'KUWTK' vacation

It was first reported by TMZ that Disick got his mystery woman a room at the same hotel where the E!

camera crews were staying. The father of three even went to great lengths to keep his lady friend a secret, knowing good and well that Kris Jenner and her crew would not be cool with Scott's other woman hanging around while they were trying to tape the show.

Scott Disick's big mistake was to have the woman staying in the hotel with the camera crew. It didn't take long for someone to snitch on Disick, telling Kris Jenner all about the other woman he had been sneaking off to party with.

Naturally, Kris was really upset and ended up confronting Scott along with Kim and Kourtney. The thing is, Kourtney wasn't even mad about Scott having another woman because they have been split up for a long time now.

Instead, the Kardashian sisters and their mom were reportedly mad because Scott was sneaking around behind their backs and they really didn't want this other woman hanging around.

Disick ditched Costa Rica and partied in Miami after huge blowout fight

Scott Disick's "cheating" turned into a huge blowout where Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian reportedly went off, telling Scott all about himself and how disrespectful he was acting.

Considering that he's a grown man and he's not with Kourtney Kardashian anymore, Disick didn't appreciate them ganging up on him and telling him what to do so he didn't stick around.

Instead, Lord Disick made a beeline for the United States. Scott decided to spend the rest of his vacation in Miami where he was seen hugged up on another woman, model J Lynne.

It's unknown if she was the woman in Costa Rica or if there was a completely different woman who sparked the argument that caused him mto escape the Costa Rica vacation and come home. Then, Scott was seen hugged up at a Miami hotel with yet another different woman, whose identity is not known the day after he was seen with J Lynne.

When Scott gets home, he'll certainly have a lot of explaining to do. It doesn't seem to matter if he's actively in a relationship or not, Scott Disick gets accused of cheating on Kourtney Kardashian any time he is seen out with another woman. The family certainly doesn't want Scott's "cheating" to end up playing out after the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" camera crew catches it all on film.