Leading up to Valentine's Day, new changes and updates are still being leaked for the upcoming Niantic event. Just a few moments ago, new developments related to the new changes that will be incorporated into the game have come to light. Recently, a new update for "Pokemon GO" was revealed. According to a source close to Niantic, the video game company has added new, interesting changes to the exciting application. It is the incorporation of new Pokestops and new Gyms, which will be assigned or added in rural areas, giving users new options for a better performance in the game.

Next, we share with you everything related to these new updates.

The new updates and changes arriving to the game

The world of technology is more demanding every day, as are users of "Pokemon GO" are well aware of. Within the new changes and updates of Niantic related to the game, it is worth mentioning that the implementation of new Poketstops and additional Gyms will only add to the overall gaming experience. While it is true that the application itself has seen somewhat of a decline when compared to the initial numbers gained when the product first launched, the game itself still has a very dedicated and active fan base.

Overall, the game doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Recently, it was also announced that new pocket monsters Espeon and Umbreon would be added to the game and become playable.

Couple this with the future implementation of more Pokestops and Gyms, and users will have more options available to them moving forward.

Additional information

Yesterday, new details related to "Pokemon GO" were leaked, that Niantic will make new changes to the names of some important creatures, which will be more difficult to catch.

However, it will not be impossible to locate and capture them, because users are always looking for ways to discover the new secrets of the game. Ultimately, though, the application has seen numerous updates, and it's safe to assume that players can expect more from the game moving forward.