The Oscars is the biggest night in Hollywood. Both actors and actresses have worked hard to look their best on the Red Carpet tonight. It's not always easy to look picture perfect. It takes a lot of dedication, self-preparation, and dieting. Celebrities rely on a team of people that include makeup artists, stylists, hair dressers, and plastic surgeons. Some of them also hire dieticians and nutritionists, so that they look their hottest on the red carpet. There is no room for a wardrobe malfunction even if some celebrities end up on the worst dressed list.

A-list actresses get Oscars ready by shaving their face with a razor

Celebrity makeup artist Melanie Mills revealed to that most actresses shave their faces to remove dead skin cells and give them a glow. This kind of treatment is offered referred to as Dermaflash or technique flashing. It involves shaving the face with a razor once a week to get that red carpet glow. Some actresses will book a treatment the day before or the day of The Oscars. She also said that some other actresses will go even as far as to get a full body scrub at a Korean spa.

Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner have more in common than their dating history. Not only were they both involved with Ben Affleck but they also attend the Beverly Hills Hot Springs where they get the ultimate body scrub.

Other celebrities will get Botox injections leading up to the Academy Awards on Sunday. Other popular spa treatments include the vampire facial and the vampire lift -- both inject blood back into the face to help rejuvenate the skin. The only difference is that the vampire facial lift requires the use of fillers and the results are instant.

The Hollywood diet: how they get fit weeks before the Academy Awards

Some actresses rely on a quick detox or fad diet to help them look good on the Oscars red carpet. Harley Pasternak's five-day diet includes three smoothies and two snacks. His clients often go to him three weeks prior to the Oscars if they want to look slimmer and leaner.

Harley Pasternak also advises his A-list clients to wear a Fitbit and to walk up to 15,000 steps a day to ensure they look good in those tight evening gowns.

Those who want buff arms and a toned physique go to Vanessa Packer at ModelFit Studios in New York and Los Angeles. Her clients will work out four weeks prior to the Oscars to slim down their waists, hips, bottoms, and legs. Her workouts also give them a bit of a glow every time they leave her studio. Others will fake it by wearing chicken breast cutlets, nipple pasties, masking tape, Spanx, and butt pads. There is a lot that can be faked on the night of the big awards ceremony.

Liz Josefsberg told Hollywood Life that celebrities eat a lot, but they'll eat more of the leafy greens and vegetables rather than junk food.

Broccoli, kale, and spinach are just some of the trendiest vegetables of the moment. They fill you up without adding any calories to your diet. She advises her clients to mix any of these ingredients with tomatoes, noodles, and Bolthouse Farms dressing, since it's low-fat and free of calories.

She also advises her famous clients to drink plenty of water, work out regularly, and get plenty of rest. These are all vital elements to look one's best on the night of the Academy Awards, which takes place all night long and well into the early morning hours.