Hey, "Chicago Fire" fans. We're back at you for another weekly round of official spoilers goodies from NBC. This time, they're for the upcoming episode 14 of season 5. Things sound extremely serious as some circumstances causes a couple of the firehouse 51 members to get separated and reassigned to somewhere else! Boden tries to remedy the situation, but finds out that he might not be able to, and more!

The horrible separation

They also came up with a title for this thing, naming it: "Purgatory." In their press release, they made sure to highlight that the 51 crew is, indeed, getting split up and made to work other areas, causing things to become quite chaotic, so look for this storyline to definitely get a lot of attention directed at it.

They go on to elaborate that the very mean Chief Anderson will be the one responsible for this crazy situation as he does it to pick on Chief Boden.

They describe, specifically, that he's going to reassign the members of the team to various houses that are located around town, citing a need for some improvement. Next, we learn that the crew is definitely going to start feeling how much this is effecting them. At the same time, they will just have only one option, which is to try to just make the best of their current situations and their new surroundings. They didn't reveal who will get separated and to where, so it looks like we'll just have to wait for this thing to hit the airwaves to find that out.

We're certainly going to get some interesting scenes out of this. That's for sure.

Boden tries to make it right

We also learn that Boden will go to work hard to try and correct this terrible, new set of circumstances. But unfortunately, he is going to find out that these problems may be way outside of his freaking control. They didn't elaborate on what Boden attempts to do, so that'll be an interesting question for this particular situation.

A major choice for Severide

Lastly, we got this final teaser that features some action from Severide. It turns out that he's going to have an extremely important choice that needs to be made, and he's going really work hard to try and figure out which decision is the right one for him. What is this important decision about? Will he ever be able to find out what he needs to do?

Those are two, key questions for this scenario. We should see some interesting scenes out of it.

Ok, that's going to wrap up this session, but be sure to look for the promo/spoiler clip to show up later on ,tonight, after episode 13 finishes up. It should deliver some extra, visual spoilers for you. The press release also revealed that this episode will be ready to air next Tuesday night, February 21st, 2017 at 9pm central time on NBC. Stay tuned.