Alright, so we're back at you guys for another Friday spoiler session. CBS was kind enough to serve up some new spoilery details for the upcoming Blue Bloods episode 16 of season 7. They gave us about three storyline scoops that sound pretty dramatic as Frank runs into some major issues when a wrongfully arrested man shows up with his lawyer to raise hell. Then we've got a mob situation going down with Linda's brother, and more!

He needs protection

The big title reveal for this installment, is named: "Hard Bargain." According to the official description, we're going to see Linda's brother, Jimmy, get himself into some major, freaking problems with the crazy mob!

Then Danny is going to get brought into the mix, because Jimmy is going to pretty much beg him to protect him until whatever all the drama that has occurred, dies down a bit, if ever. Will Danny agree to give him a helping hand? Or will he let the mob just do their thing on him? If he does agree to protect him, will the mob still find a way to get to him? These are few questions for this situation. CBS also made sure to put this storyline in all-caps, so it'll most-likely be heavily focused on. Also, Jimmy will be played by guest star: Kevin Dillon.

Crazy demands get made

Next, we find out that there's going to be a whole lot of drama to get thrown in Frank's direction. Apparently, there will be some guy that shows up who was wrongfully arrested.

He'll have his lawyer with him, and they'll be demanding that the department release the NYPD officers' disciplinary records to the public! Will Frank and company have to yield to this guy's demands? Or will they be able to just tell him to take a hike and beat it? Unfortunately, they didn't give us any more details about it, so we'll just have to wait until this thing airs to find out.

It should serve up some very dramatic scenes, though.

Jamie and Nicky go on an outing

Finally, this brings us to the last teaser of this session. It involves Jamie and Nicky. Apparently, we're going to see these two, engage in some ride-along action with him at some point. They didn't give any other details about this scenario, so may be something interesting happens on this ride.

We just don't know right now. All we can tell you, is to just look for that to happen. To end things, we do want to mention some production credits. They had David Barrett to come on to direct this one, and Peter Blauner wrote up the script. We can also confirm that episode 16 is scheduled to show up next Friday night, February 17th, 2017 at 9pm central time on CBS. Stay tuned.