Hey, "The Bachelor 2017" peeps. I hope you guys enjoyed the show last night. We're back at you with a new spoiler treat, straight from ABC as they've dropped the new promo/spoiler clip (below) for episode 9, which gives us new looks at Andi Dorfman's surprise visit to his hotel room. All the producer editing, really makes this conversation appear to be more than what it actually is, based on some reports from Reality Steve. We also see Nick, revealing that he does really have some deep-seated fears that he's developed from being apart of this freaking Bachelor franchise, and more!

Hello Nick

In the new clip, they go right to the scene where Nick's former lover and Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman, is seen walking to Nick's hotel room to pay him a visit. I don't know why she's even here. ABC must of paid her to do this, so they could drum up some extra ratings. Anyways, next, we hear a knock on Nick's door. And he, of course, opens it up to see Andi, standing there. She proceeds to say, "Hello Nick." And it seems really cold the way she says it too. This whole scene just seems staged. You know it has to be, right?

He's so shocked

Next, they show a little of the their conversation. Nick tells her that he's supposedly very shocked about her visit. She tells him to just be honest about how he's feeling right now.

He responds by saying, this is blowing his mind. From there, they ask what this little visit will mean for the rest of Nick's journey as if to imply that Andi is there for a second chance or something. I was told that this is all hype, and that she's just there to give him some friendly advice, nothing more. So, don't expect anything shocking to take place with that situation.

No more rejection, please

After all the Andi drama, they showed us another scene where Nick is saying that he's still not sure what's going to happen from this point on. He has a lot to think about. He's running out of time, blah, blah, blah. He also said that his biggest fear is that he'll get his heart broken on this series for a third time.

In fact, he said he'll be devastated if he's the first Bachelor ever to get rejected. So, wow! For him to say something like that, really reveals that he has some real fears, built up from his past, two rejections. I figured that must have been rough, but he really confirmed it with that statement. Be sure to check it out, below, and stay tuned. Episode 9 is set to arrive on Monday night, February 27th, 2017 at 7pm central time on ABC.