Ok, so ABC did us a big solid last night, and dropped the new spoiler/promo clip (below) for the upcoming "The Bachelor 2017" episode 8. Surely enough, it shows us some extra details that we din't get in their official press release. We've got Corinne, acting like she's just about to lose it, because she can't read Nick as well as she'd like. Then some mystery chick shows up to pay him a visit at his hotel room for a ,quote, confrontation! There's also a moment where they tell us that he's going to do something that we just couldn't imagine him doing at some point, and more!

Corinne is full of doubts

In the new clip, we get footage of that over-the-top chick, Corinne, talking about how she thinks Nick is very unpredictable, which is really causing her to freak the F out. An you'll see that she should be, by the end of this episode. Next, they show footage of Nick, commenting on how he's confused, yet again, about what he wants to do. Then they tell us that the hometown dates are on the line. From there, they reveal that Nick is going to do something that's very shocking, telling us that we won't believe what he does next! OMG!

Who's that girl?

Next, we hear one of the girl's voices just crying, saying that was really unexpected. After that, they show a mystery lady that's supposed to be returning to confront Nick.

Uh oh! Next, we see this chick, knocking on Nick's door and he opens it up. From there, they cut out in typical fashion, so they don't spoil the big surprise. Then we see Nick, crying it up for a private cam session. Next, they show a little segment, featuring Nick, talking about how he's literally been dumped his entire life and that there's just so many questions that he currently doesn't have answers to.

More Nick sobbing He goes on to say that if he leaves there alone, he'll be absolutely devastated and all that jazz. As if there isn't a better place in all the world to meet someone than on this crazy show. I mean, come on. Anyways, yeah. That was pretty much it. Be sure to watch Nick continue to act confused in the clip, below, and stay tuned. Don't forget this thing is set to air on Monday night, February 20th,2017 at 7pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.