Rumors have been circulating that Michael Strahan and Robin Roberts are fighting on the set of ABC's "Good Morning America." The tabloids have it all wrong. Gossip Cop wants to set the record straight that the co-hosts are not fighting.

The tabloid claims the co-hosts and one of the morning talk show's producers engaged in an altercation on the set around 8 a.m. right before they went to a commercial. The Star used the headline, "Robin vs. Michael, Bad Morning America." The newspaper included several photos it claimed to be evidence of the feud.

The paper claimed things got so tense that Strahan ended up filming the rest of his news on a different floor.

Fake stories

This false story was originally posted in the National Enquirer several days ago. It has been reported that the initial story was false, and the picture of the man the tabloid featured as a producer was actually a guest on the show that day.

This is not the first fake story that has been spread about Michael Strahan. There was an inadequate story that Strahan is not happy with his job on "Good Morning America" because it is not all that he thought it would be. Therefore, he is begging Kelly Ripa to take him back to be her co-host on "Live with Kelly." That is far from the truth.

Strahan would be quite desperate to want to go to work with Kelly Ripa again after what happened during his transition from one talk show to the other.

Michael Strahan has been the target of a couple of fake news stories since he has been on "Good Morning America" as a full-time co-host alongside Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos, Amy Robach, Lara Spencer and Ginger Zee.

When he was first hired, people were saying that Amy Robach didn't get along with him because Michael's name is on the billboard at the top of the show instead of hers.

Neither Roberts, Strahan, nor producers of "GMA" have addressed the rumors on the air. Perhaps they see no need to do so. Fans of "Good Morning America" can watch the chemistry of the co-hosts and find no merit to the rumors in the tabloids. Perhaps, this will be the last rumor we will hear about Michael Strahan. Then, on the other hand, it might not be.