Mia Khalifa has made it clear countless times that she won't open unwanted messages on Twitter. Most of her fans know not to try to hit on her on the social media app. The 23-year-old sports fanatic also does not like receiving certain types of text messages. She does not care if she's being offered money for her sports feedback. She still does not feel comfortable when it comes to seeing these texts pop up on her phone.

Former Pornhub star won't open these two types of texts

The Pornhub star is not afraid to put public figures and celebrities on blast when they try to hit on her on social media.

She also took to her Twitter account to reveal to her 6.5 million fans the types of texts that she will not open.

The above-mentioned messages came from NFL analyst Jeff Solomon. He has been one of the many who have been publicly shamed by Mia Khalifa in the past. It looks like the man is still trying to hit on her even though she has made it clear that she does not like unwanted messages from men.

Mia Khalifa has millions of fans on both Instagram and Twitter. She made that clear on Instagram when she shared a photo of herself at the gym while calling her fans thirsty. The photo showed the former adult star wearing a sports bra and leggings as she chugged a bottle of Hint Water, which she is the face of.

The photo showed off the starlet's famous cleavage and toned abs. That post alone received over 55,000 likes on Instagram. It's not a secret that she loves to show off her body on social media. Many of Mia Khalifa's Instagram photos feature her wearing barely-there clothing, workout clothes, and lingerie.

The one Twitter DM that has worked on the adult star

She opened up about those infamous DMs she receives on Twitter during an appearance on ESPN's "Russillo & Kannell." She admitted that it's hard to deal with all of the attention she receives on social media. She also doesn't have any regrets about publicly slamming Ole Miss Chad Kelly not once but twice.

Nowadays, the brunette beauty only receives DMs from the people she follows on the social media app. There was one lucky guy who was successful with sliding into Mia Khalifa's DMs. She said that he was so good at striking up a conversation that they started dating. She didn't reveal who the lucky guy's name is due to safety reasons with her committed fans.