Mayans MC,” FX's spinoff of their infamous “Sons of Anarchy” has finally found the lead for the show. Jd Pardo from shows like “East Los High” and “Revolution” will play Ezekial “EZ” Reyes in the new spinoff motorcycle drama, penned and directed by “Sons of Anarchy” creator Kurt Sutter. Elgin James will co-write and serve with Sutter as executive producers on the new show from FX.

Who is Ezekial Reyes?

Ezekial Reyes is a prospect in a charter of the Mayans on the Mexico/California border and he has an intense hatred against the cartel. It is unclear at this time why Ezekial hates the cartel so much, but rumors are circling that the cartel was involved in the death of Ezekial's mother.

Edward James Olmos, from "Battlestar Galactica," was cast last month as Ezekial's father, Felipe Reyes.

What we know about the story

Moreover, John Ortiz from the show “Luck” will play Esai 'Taino' Osorio, President of Mayans MC, Santo Padre Charter. Taino is the cousin of famous Mayans founder Marcus Alvarez, so expect a lot of good cameos from the Mayans to show up from “Sons of Anarchy.” Taino is a Mexi-Rican, born in the Bronx, then sent to Oakland to live with his cousin, Marcus Alvarez, Mayans MC founder and National President. Like his cousin, he is as smart as he is deadly.

Another biker family drama

Creator, Kurt Sutter is clearly setting up “Mayans MC” to be a family crime drama in the same vein as “Sons of Anarchy” and the events of “Mayans MC” take place after “Sons of Anarchy” as well.

This setting provides the new show with plenty of opportunities to reference events and places from “Sons of Anarchy” such as the death of notable characters and the possible cameo appearance of characters that survived the bloody conclusion of the finale. Long time fans of “Sons of Anarchy” will remember that the Mayans started out as rivals of the Sons and then became allies by the end of the show's run.

Possible cameos?

“Mayans MC” is setting up to be a great show, but only time will tell how it will develop on the already flushed out world that “Sons of Anarchy” created. With the Mayans and Sons being allies at the end of “Sons of Anarchy” we could clearly see trickles of this alliance on “Mayans MC.” Imagine seeing Chibs, played by Tommy Flanagan, return as the club president of the Sons of Anarchy to trade with Taino or Ezekial having an impromptu run-in with Tig, played by Kim Coates.

The possibilities for “Mayans MC” are unlimited!

'Mayans MC' is becoming more epic

“Mayans MC” is setting up to do something that a lot of shows never get the chance to do by continuing the world we grew to love in “Sons of Anarchy.” Notable characters like Jax Teller might not show up on the show, but we could certainly see news headlines in the show referencing these characters and their journey. “Mayans MC” will begin production next month and an air date has still not been announced. The main plot of the new show from FX has been kept under wraps fairly well. However, you can expect more information about the plot and the cast to trickle out fairly quickly as production ramps up next month.