Meek Mill’s ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj has had her name blasted all over all forms of social media for a few days now. This is all thanks to the beef she has with Remy Ma. Unfortunately for the Meek Mill, it appears as if he’s found a way to get mixed up with all of the chaos.

Why has the rapper been dragged into it?

It all started a couple days ago, on February 24th, when Meek and a few members of his crew were approached by a group of women who asked for a photo. According to Meek’s SnapChat, he declined to take a photo with the group of women.

The encounter took a turn for the worse when the women got into their vehicle and flipped Meek and his crew off. Meek Mill yelled profanity at the group of women as they drove off.

Later, on the same day, Mill and his crew walked up to a man who was assumed to be a homeless. The man begged the rapper and his crew for money. Meek decided getting a few dollars from him was going to cost the homeless man something in return. So, the rapper told the homeless man that he would give him $20 if he dropped and gave him ten push-ups. Mill also made it a point to mention the fact that he wasn’t giving any money to anyone for free.

The homeless man had no problem meeting the command in order to get the $20.

He even did more than Mill requested – doing 20 push-ups instead of the original ten he was commanded to do in exchange for the money.

Social media slammed the rapper

It didn’t take long for a video of the rapper telling the homeless man he would give him money in exchange for push-ups to start to circulate on social media. The rapper was quickly slammed and roasted – as across all social media platforms no one found what happened to be as amusing as Meek and his crew did.

Some Twitter users pointed out the fact that they didn’t have any respect for the rapper before this happened, but now they never would. Other users pointed out how ridiculous it was that Meek made such a big deal out of giving away $20 considering he was rich. “Disgrace,” “idiot,” and “piece of crap” were among a few of the names Meek Mill has been called on social media since the incident occurred.