Mama June Shannon promised a total makeover down to size 4 after bariatric surgery, skin removal plastic surgery and weight loss. But the first episode of "From Not to Hot" left fans more confused. She evidentally wore a fat suit to hide her gradually slimmer body. That would explain apparent obesity but how the body fat is distributed makes some of Mama June's weight loss claims questionable.

Mama June's fat suit isn't the weirdest part of weight loss

Folks were aghast after the first episode of "From Not to Hot" and not because of Mama June's makeover.

Twitter was alight with questions about whether Shannon wore a fat suit in earlier episodes. No one should have been too surprised because daughters "Honey Boo Boo" Alana Thompson and Lauren "Pumpkin" Shannon already spilled that. Mama June wasn't supposed to go out in public before the big plastic surgery reveal unless she was "suited up." WE tv must have had a newbie on makeup as Shannon's padding wasn't even properly fit. Pictures showed it peeling away and sagging. And her mammoth chin after 150-lb weight loss is just too much to swallow.

Mama June tells half-truths about weight loss

It's a toss-up between Mama June and Khloe Kardashian for biggest reality television weight loss hoax. Kardashian claims hers is all "Revenge Body" but it turns out she's a shill for Forskolin.

Shannon has been bragging how hers was down to changed eating habits and exercise. Then it came out that Shannon had lied or neglected to mention getting gastric bypass surgery in 2015 and plastic surgery later on. If she was gearing up for a new reality show, it would make sense that "From Not to Hot" would have her fake being heavy.

But the acting coach at WE tv was as bad as the prosthetics tech. In workouts, her personal trainer June "struggles" to do simple exercises but it's not very convincing. You can see she's got a thinner butt and legs under the "fat." Commenters noted that she even talks differently with the mask on.

Mama June's dubious size 4 from 460 pounds claims

There are some other spurious details in Shannon's "From Not to Hot" makeover. The biggest problem isn't the residual obesity but where on her body fat still resides. She's had extensive plastic surgery including skin removal (a kind of tummy tuck), breast implants, obviously dental work and probably facial reconstruction. So her "chubby" face and chin fat are latex, but her hands--the first place weight loss shows--are also still incredibly pudgy. If facial fat was hard to fit correctly hand fat would be even more difficult. If Shannon really is a size 4 after weighing 460 pounds, she must be padded all over. If her makeup is ineffective now, how will it be in upcoming episodes? It will be interesting to see how an untrained reality television actor pulls off this stunt coup.