Michelle Williams is one of the most underappreciated actresses in Hollywood. After getting her big break playing Jen on “Dawson’s Creek,” she transitioned her way into small films before securing a very special movie in her heart. She received her first Oscar nomination and met the man that she would have a child with, Heath Ledger, during the filming of “Brokeback Mountain.” Further successes in films like “Blue Valentine" and “My Week with Marilyn” showcased her versatility as an actress. However, due to her lack of bold statements and no social media, it seems as though many people still undervalue her.

She made a successful transition from television to film

Something that several actors find particularly difficult is the transition from young adult into adult films. For Michelle Williams, she had to fight against the stigma that everyone places on teen drama shows. Even though “Dawson’s Creek” had more substance than most shows of that same genre, it was still in a show category that leaves many casting directors uninspired. After the show ended, she humbled herself and took on small film projects which she used to sharpen her skills as a dramatic actress. The film “Lady of Plenty,” where Williams portrayed an American girl whose perspective on September 11th was skewed due to being all the way in South Africa when the attacks happened.

The performance was subtle yet powerful, but in hindsight, it was just a small taste of what was to come in a very promising career.

The roles she chooses are bold and versatile

One of Williams’ biggest strengths is the sheer versatility in the roles that she plays. In one film, she is a Southern wife struggling to keep her husband while in another, she inhabits the soul of one of the best known performers of all time.

Williams has perfected the ability to move from one character to another without losing herself in the process. None of the beats that she takes or character choices seem fake. In her latest film, “Manchester by the Sea,” though much of the acclaim and subsequent Oscar was given to Casey Affleck, without a very strong supporting performance, Affleck would not have had much to play off of.

Williams plays an ex-wife in the film and while that type of role could be very one-dimensional, Williams used her abilities to give her character strength and ground her in a world that some people may not necessarily connect with. What she does is subtle yet effective.

She rarely plays characters that have big moments where they yell at someone or puff their chest out. She lets the emotions go through her body and provides each moment with a real human moment. Being an actor is all about connection and Williams has become one of the best at leaving a lasting impression on everyone who watches her films. Though she has now lost four times at the Oscars, something tells me that her next nomination will lead to glory.