"Logan" is almost here. The final appearance of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is almost upon us. No matter how you feel about the way FOX has handled the X-Men franchise, there is one thing you cannot deny: Hugh Jackman has owned the role of Logan since the first X-Men movie. While, yes, the individual Wolverine movies have been nothing to write home about, it seems we will finally get at least one solid exploration of the character during Jackman’s last go around.

Will 'Logan' be the best X-Men movie?

Who am I kidding? The X-Men movies have all basically been about Logan, and Jackman may not entirely be done with the character after all.

Recent rumors suggest we will see Hugh as Wolverine at least once more in the upcoming "Deadpool 2." This is, however, a rumor and should only be considered with a huge truck of salt. Then again, the amount of jokes to be had between Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool and Jackman’s Logan could be the stuff of cinematic legend.

Back to the good bits. This is the last trailer for "Logan," which is slated for release in theaters on March 3, 2017. We get some things confirmed, for example, X-23 will be sporting a blood rage similar to Logan -- as well as her claws. The trailer also reveals that there is a strong sense of family this time around, which, for me personally, has always been lacking in the X-Men films.

It's also heavily suggested that Logan meets his end. While this could be a good way to ultimately end Jackman’s portrayal, I can’t see FOX allowing that to happen.

Already showcasing Easter eggs

There was, however, one thing this trailer showed that I was not expecting. Actual X-Men comics. Maybe I missed this little tidbit of production information, but yes, it does appear that X-Men comics will be a real thing in the universe.

As commented on by Logan himself, they are supposed to represent the events of the X-Men’s lives, albeit inaccurately.

As a fan I am uncertain of how I feel about this. There’s this one part of me exceedingly excited about this easter egg, and then another screeching that this is becoming too meta. In any event, check out the trailer below. Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn out the way we’ve heard "Wonder Woman" will.